It's Easy as Pie to Add Video to Your Website
Video is a great accompaniment to your website and a tool you should not underestimate. Video can be a very persuasive medium as it personalizes your content and grabs the attention of your audience right out of the starting gate. You’d be surprised how often video isn’t used on many websites.

Announcing the Google Mobile Algorithm Facelift
Google has just announced the release of its latest mobile-friendly algorithm that is supposed to give a helping hand to your rankings for mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results.

The Importance of Text Structure
Content is equally important Clearly structured text is important not only for your readers, but Google as well. When a reader comes across your website or blog article, they tend to skim the headlines and first paragraph to see if it is even worth taking the time to read.

Choosing The Right Photographs For Your Website
Choosing photos for your website is not as simple as picking out stock photography from a generic photographic website. Thanks to the burst of social media, people are much more savvy about photography used in marketing campaigns and advertising.

Is Keyword Targeting Considered Old School?
The topic has been swirling around for months now: is keyword research and keyword targeting becoming old school? And the new question becomes: wouldn’t our time be better spent focusing on topics and ideas and broad concepts?

Do You Have What It Takes to Create a Small Business?
A business idea has sparked your interest and you know it would be a successful venture. But do you have the gumption and dedication to see it through? There are several things you should be considering during the first bloom of your idea if you want to launch your business off the ground.

Find Your Perfect Fit in a Web Design Company
Creating and designing a website is no small feat and it can be one heck of a challenge whether you know what you’re doing or not. Your website is the face of your business and what people will first see, so you want it to be perfect. This is where you will want to do your homework when hiring a design company.

Key Components of Website Do's and Don'ts
These tips will come in handy while maintaining your site and will contribute to the overall health and success of your website.

BUSTED! Don’t Fall For These Design Myths
A good design is the heart behind any functioning website. A well designed website can bring in new traffic, increase conversions, and improve your brand. And it all comes down to teeny tiny details like what fonts and colors you use, how your website is laid out, what kind of images and/or video you incorporate, etc.

Hunting For Keywords
Why is it so important you ask? Placing strategic keywords into your content will help boost rankings in search engines. This can give you a leg up on your competition if you take the time to do it right.

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