Website Management, eCommerce, and Site Optimization CMS

Live ImaginationLive Imagination is our most popular and prized applications. It includes a variety of different modules that can be customized to fit any custom website, custom built web application, or internet marketing campaign. All of the tools and functions included in Organic SEO Manager and Cookie Accountant creating a single interface design for website owners.

Website Editing Tools

The content management system (CMS) within Live Imagination includes a variety of customizable modules to fit any custom website. The entire website CMS is geared around making your webpage search engine friendly. This includes SEO attributes such as title on search engines, search engine summary, and search engine keywords. Each time an update is made the page is added to an XML sitemap. This XML sitemap is referenced by search engines to determine when the last time a page was updated so that the search engine can update it's index. This makes for quicker indexing time on a search engine. This is especially helpful for blogging and ecommerce stores.

Blogging, Article Resource Library

Blogging, news feeds, and article resources are a fantastic way to keep your website visitors coming back to your website. This content can be distributed in a variety of ways including RSS feeds. Allow interactions with your visitors by allowing them to leave comments and share articles. 

Photo Albums, Videos, PodCast

A variety of media types can be integrated with each of your webpages using Live Imagination.

  • Photo Albums
    Each of the photos uploaded through the photo album module is sized to specification and compressed to allow for quick loading on your website. This allows you to skip the process of sizing the images in your image editing program and go directly from your digital camera to your website. A thumbnail is also automatically created during upload of each of your photos.
  • Website Video
    In our fast-paced world, online video is quickly becoming the ideal media for presenting a message through the web. Video can be self-hosted, linked from a referring website, or hosted on YouTube / Vimeo. Thumbnails can also be uploaded so you get the perfect opening screen (instead of someone's mouth half open)
  • Audio Podcast
    Easily link in Podcast can be linked from an external source or self-hosted. Thumbnails can be added to add visuals while listeners are listening to your podcast.

Event Management Tools

The event management modules within Live Imagination allow website owners to set up events. Events can have a predetermined occupancy and fee associated with the event. Online events occur in real-time and can easily be integrated with merchant services.

Online Accounting & Ecommerce Management

Live Imagination includes a variety of online accounting and ecommerce management tools. These include:

  • Customer Management
  • Invoicing
  • Expense Tracking
  • Automated Billing
  • Inventory Management
  • Virtual Gift Cards

See Cookie Accountant for a more information description of the accounting functions.

Real-time Visitor & Conversion Tracking, Keyword Ranking

Live Imagination is built around the idea of ranking the webpages of your website well on the search engines. Our tracking tools include several easy to understand reports to identify user source, keywords, keyword ranking, and several factors that determine to link. In addition to monitoring your website, we can also monitor your keyword search competitors. All of the reports can be custom built to tie in with the accounting modules to identify the dollar amount of each keyword's efforts on your website.

Setup & Integration Into Your Website

Live Imagination requires that a website be built on a special website platform that we've established for tracking this special information, recording conversion and capturing metrics data. Monthly packages include hosting and in some cases a complete site optimization. This allows your website to reach optimal search engine placement quickly so that you can take advantage of the tracking tools and see a return. Pricing starts at $29/month. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of Live Imagination.