eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce is simply doing business online. However, eCommerce is more commonly understood as the ability to receive secure online payments with a shopping cart, merchant services account (for credit card processing), and SSL security.

eCommerce is becoming more profitable everyday for small to large sized businesses. It makes shopping just a click away for consumers and they can often browse many online shops to get the best deal possible without the long lines or leaving home. Just about anything purchased on the web can be delivered to you overnight. eCommerce enables companies to profit a great deal because of the low cost overhead and expanding their customer base world wide.

Our team of developers can custom design a shopping cart solution to meet or exceed your expectations. This can include techniques to automate registration, credit card processing, subscription billing, order fulfillment, inventory management and many other invaluable functions. Below is a list of few of our popular ecommerce modules:

Abandon Cart / Presale Notifications
This module allows the merchant to track if a customer starts a shopping cart and begins checkout. If they don't finish checkout the merchant will be notified with the ability to follow up with the customer to offer assistance. Automated notifications and cart reload functions can also be added.

Related Products & Upsale Tatics
For larger ecommerce websites, you might display related or similar products the customer would be interested in based on their current order or past orders. These type of tactics can be geared into a marketing campaign to encourage more sales.

Promo Codes (coupon codes)
Advertise special savings through the use of promo codes. Promo codes can be set up to give a flat rate or percentage on the customers order. The promo code modules can also be customized to allow for use on specified products, use only by certain customers, limited number of uses, and free shipping.

Virtual Gift Cards
Virtual gift cards is a module we've developed that allows the use of paperless (cardless) gift cards. Each transaction is tracked and taged to an order. The module comes complete with ability to purchase gift cards on your website, use towards products and services, and check the balance.

Shipping & Handling Calculations
Shipping and handling is often a very difficult variable to calculate for ecommerce merchants. This is because the merchant won't know the exact shipping cost until the order is shipped and they receive the bill from the carrier. We offer a variety of shipping options including base+rate, zone based, UPS Tools, as well as many custom solutions.

Order Fulfillment
Order fulfillment systems can be customized to send you a orders all the way to integrating with third party order fulfillment systems. This includes capturing funds, shipping, order status queue and order ship notifications to the customer.

eCommerce Technologies

  1. Shopping Carts
    A shopping cart is a web application that acts as a websites's product or service catalog and ordering process. It allows your site visitors to select items for sale, review what has been selected, make modifications (if necessary), and purchase. Cookie Accountant and Live Imagination offers many features to allow you to to manage your product catalog without the cost of development.
  2. Internet Merchant Account
    A merchant account is an agreement between you (or your business) and a financial institution. They are necessary in order for you to accept credit cards on your website. Your shopping cart will connect to a merchant account to validate credit cards and transfer funds from your customers' bank accounts to yours. A payment gateway may also be required in order to allow your website to exchange and store credit card information for ecommerce transactions. Credit card fees will be determined during your merchant services application by your bank. We encourage clients to shop around and look for both customer service, customer reviews, and the best processing rates.
  3. SSL Security
    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that enables a web browser and a web server to communicate securely. If you've been to a Web page, and noticed a padlock at the bottom of the browser, or the web address change from "http" to "https", you are seeing examples of a website that is utilizing SSL security. SSL certificates can usually be purchased from your website hosting company.