Coding for Designers

When it comes to a great websites, good design and good coding go hand-in-hand. Our team can work with designers to convert a static image or photoshop file into a fully functional website to work either on our Live Imagination, Affinity Tracker, or stand alone website platform. You will find that we bring passion, ideas, creativity and strategy to every project with the end-result in mind.

Expanded Services Spectrum

Many designers don't understand the technical implications of programming a website just like many programmers don't understand what it takes to make a good design. Lead web developer, Matthew Fleming specializes in programming PHP, database planning and development, Jquery/CSS development. This allows design firms to expand their spectrum of services to include the more technical aspects of web design.

Team Representation

We understand that your brand and business is very important. To ensure there is no conflict of interest we can offer to represent your business and services. This includes discussion of different services and pricing. Communication representation includes replying from one of your branded emails, business cards (provided by you), and for in-person meetings.

Reseller Opportunities

We offer several reseller forms of our Live Imagination website platform, Affinity Tracker marketing platform, Organic SEO Manager search engine and keyword tracking platform, and Cookie Accountant online accounting software. All reseller platforms can be customized with their own website link, name, logo, and pricing.