Custom Web Application Development

Website applications are quickly becoming the trend of the new internet. Businesses can use these to their advantage to create a global web-based program to streamline their business. We provide a variety of web application services custom built to fit your needs. Maybe you have an idea for a new web application that will stand out and excite the world. Our goal is to create online applications that works as vehicles for success.

From a technical point of view, the web is a highly programmable environment that allows for complete customization of a website to produce a variety of different applications. These applications are typically viewed through a website browser or mobile device and usually connect to some kind of database to store information. From a non-technical standpoint this is essentially creating an advanced website that goes beyond just text and images. We've developed and managed a few of our website application such as Live Imagination, Affinity Tracker, Organic SEO Manager, Cookie Accountant, and Small Business Loop.

Matthew Fleming Inc. specializes in server side web application development. These types of websites can be anything from an ecommerce website, customer login account, extended customer tracking, order fulfillment and many more solitions.

Custom web applications can be developed on Live Imagination, Affinity Tracker, or stand alone. The Live Imagination platform includes many of the tools you'll most likely need, ready to go out of the box. In addition, custom reports and modules can also be developed depending on your specifications. Using a pre-built platform cuts development cost and build time drastically. The website is warranted for as long as you have an active account and the source code is not accessible by anyone other than approved persons.

Here are a few of our popular web applications:

Admin Interface
An admin interface is a website behind a website that allows you to completely manage your website content, functionality, and account data. It streamlines and automates management, working like a control panel for your website. Having an admin interface cuts maintenance costs down to zero because you can quickly and easily manage the website content yourself.

eCommerce Shopping Cart
Online shopping is now a must for any retail location. Shopping cart applications can be built to allow complete management of your product inventory, promo codes, shipping cost, special event ticketing, and sales reports.

Business Management
As a business owner, you have enough to take care of. Web applications can streamline your business for such tasks as membership renewal, merchant services, sales and marketing, customer relations management, synchronized calendars, newsletters, podcasting, automated mailing lists, and accounting.

Point of Sale Integration
Automatically sync your point of sale database with your website to automate your website updates. This can include inventory management, sales, member based pricing, and promotions.

Order Fulfillment
Take the stress out of having to fulfill orders by having your shopping cart sync up with an order fulfillment company. This can include calculating shipping, sending the order out for fulfillment, receicing the tracking number, and notifying the customer that the order has been shipped.

Online Directories and Social Media Websites
Online directories or social media type websites are quickly becoming one of the most popular websites on the internet. They allow for virtual interaction of people through a paticular website.

Web Application Security

Despite web application advantages, web applications also open up a variety of security concerns especially when storing and processing personal or financial information. Each of our website design projects are developed with the best practices for developing secure websites at the time of development. We have mainenace plans available to monitor and make coding updates with the change in or discovery of new vunerabilities. If you're using us for website hosting, all of our website applications meet the strict guidelines of PCI Compliance (based on the data you're storing). Our databases and website acounts are backed up every 24 hours and kept for several days.