Mobile Web Design

Many of us today are in the high paced life where we are constantly on the go, whether it be a day-to-day business, vacation, or lunch break, we usually have our mobile device within reach. We use our devices for searching the web for weather, sports stats, business, coupons, online shopping, and more. There are more than 2.4 billion mobile phone users and thousands more added every day. More than 700 million of them (about 30%) have browsed the Internet using their mobile phones. This is the reason that mobile Web browsing is predicted to become the next Internet platform.

Mobile website design is quickly becoming more desired by consumers and will soon become a necessity and even a new Internet Standard. Most websites will load fine on a mobile phone, however they are formatted incorrectly and often make browsing very difficult if not impossible. The fact is 61% of clients who visit a mobile unfriendly website are likely to quit and go to a competitor’s website.

Although it is difficult to support all the available devices, we use specialized techniques and web standards to allow maximum compatibility with mobile devices. If you don't have a mobile version of your website, you are losing potential business. 

Traditional Web Design vs. Mobile Web Design

Traditional websites (static) are designed to display at a set pixel deminsion so they look consistant on different computers. Websites can be designed to direct traffic using a mobile device to a mobile version. You may be wondering, "Do I have to maintain two different websites?" The answer is no if your website is designed properly using a database. If you're using our Live Imagination platform to manage your website this is already included with your package if you decide to add mobile web design to your package. Below is a screen shot from a mobile device showing the different between traditional web design and a mobile web design.

Non-Mobile Version

Mobile Version