The Importance of Text Structure

We know that content is an important aspect of your website and can help your ability to rank well with Google. But did you know that the structure of your content is equally important Clearly structured text is important not only for your readers, but Google as well. When a reader comes across your website or blog article, they tend to skim the headlines and first paragraph to see if it is even worth taking the time to read. People want to know what you’re writing about before they actually dive in to read. The same can be said for Google. 

Google will scan your text much the same way an actual person would, looking for related words and relevant keywords to summarize what the text is about. Basically, the better you write, the better Google can understand you and know how to rank you. Not only does structured content help with rankings, but it also helps you receive lower bounce rates and increase social media attention. 

There are some good tips for improving the structure of your text, so read on if your content could use a little makeover. 


Headings are critical for capturing the attention of your readers. They should be attention grabbing and state what the paragraph below it is about. People always look at the headings to scan your article and find out if it’s worth reading. Headings are also a great way to break up lengthy text. It’s a good idea to use a heading for every long paragraph. Your focus keyword can also go in the heading so that Google can pick up on it and get a sense for what the article is about. 

First paragraph

This is where it counts folks. You need to clearly state what your article is all about within the first paragraph. When you read a book or an article in a magazine, usually there is some kind of teaser in the opening paragraph to hook your attention and keep you enthralled for the duration. Unfortunately, with web content, there just isn’t time. You only have seconds to capture the interest of your audience, not to mention Google, so your first paragraph has to tell the message of your article. Don’t forget to include your priority keywords within this paragraph as well. 


Since we’re talking about firsts here, the first sentence of your paragraph is the most important. This is the core sentence that people will read first to know whether or not to keep reading. The rest of your sentences in the paragraph should elaborate on that first sentence. Take special care in writing the first couple of sentences and include your keywords. This is ideally where Google will focus attention. And if you’re writing well and clearly, your keywords will naturally appear within all of your core sentences. 

The structure of your text is not only important to attract readers to your site, but for SEO reasons as well. A well-structured and well-written article isn’t easy. It takes practice and quite a few re-writes, but the end results will be worth it. You’ll have readers actually taking the time to read through your articles and blogs and possible re-sharing them on social media. And don’t forget that Google is looking at you too, and hopefully ranking you well in search engines.