Announcing the Google Mobile Algorithm Facelift

Google has just announced the release of its latest mobile-friendly algorithm that is supposed to give a helping hand to your rankings for mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results. This is the second version of the mobile-friendly update and should have a positive effect on your ranking signals. If your website is already geared to be mobile, there are no worries on your end. This update shouldn’t impact your website and there isn’t anything additional you need to do.

The Google mobile-friendly algorithm is a page by page signal, so it can take a bit of time for Google to search each page. It’s all going to depend on how quickly Google can crawl and index your pages in order for the results to show. If you’re not yet mobile-friendly, there is still time to hop on board. You can check out Google’s mobile guidelines for more information. It’s never too late to benefit from going mobile. Remember, these are the days when just about everyone has some type of mobile device that they use to search for information. You don’t want to miss out on the additional traffic and conversions this could bring you.