Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No matter how great your website is, it can be difficult to get traffic to it. Just having a site on the internet doesn't ensure that anyone will find it without your web address. The art of website promotion is simply directing visitors on other websites to yours with listings in search engines or links on other trafficked websites.

Millions of searches are performed every day on the top search engines and directories. A quality listing on a top search engine or directory can direct thousands of new visitors to your site that would otherwise never would have found you. Search engines are the #1 cost effective way to market your website.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have both free or organic listings, and paid or Pay Per Click listings. Getting a good free listing requires a combination of web page search engine optimization and website popularity achieved through link acquisition. A top paid listing requires nothing more than bidding more than your competitors for a keyword or phrase which can become very expensive.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Matthew Fleming Inc. uses a technique known as organic search engine optimization (SEO) to grow your website. Organic SEO is the most effective way to gain new business and customers. We specialize in using unique techniques geared at the growth of your website niche to grow your site and pass up your competition. There are several components to grow your website effectively in order to make your investment pay off.

Site Optimization

Site optimization is one of the most important factors in ranking a website organically. This is the practice of setting up keywords in the proper tags that tells the search engines what is important, critique text of your products and services, adjust your title tags, and add the proper tags in your code and several internal links to make your site rank. A clean up of your existing search engine links, robot files, and XML document are also best practices to ensure the most accurate and best results.

Keyword Research and Analysis

We will do a competitive analysis and research to find your perfect niche among the search engines. If there are certain keywords you would prefer to rank well, this is where we can start the brainstorming process. It's best to go for local results (E.G..: Tacoma Plumber) verses going up against the websites that have multi-million dollar SEO deals on generic terms. You can always make this a goal, but it will take some time to establish a reputation among the websites to rank for that.

Incoming Links

Incoming relavent authoritative links is the next most important part of being found on the website. This is the process of putting out content on your website and having related sources linking to to it. The authoritative part of incoming links is having other websites that do quite well in search engine placement link to you. This will pass on their authorative score (also known as PageRank) to your website making it look better to search engines. These links then tell the search engines how important your content is, what you're about, and relation to what type of searches.

Organic search engine ranking is a waiting game and results are not going to typically happen instantly. Typically it takes a good year for Google to start ranking a site well, however, it may also happen within a month. It's a creative process and it differs for every website that requires continues updates, tweaks to the site optimization and monitoring. We can't guarantee link building efforts will produce top page results for desired keywords.

Keyword Tracking & Conversion

Obviously all this work of search engine optimization needs to be measured. We offer several keyword tracking (also known as keyword ranking) and conversion tools. Keyword tracking reports are included in Live Imagination, Affinity Tracker, and Organic SEO Manager. Keyword tracking can be tracked at a national level (no location set) or searches done within different cities referenced by zip code and reported weekly. Keyword conversion tracking is vailable with Live Imagination accounting packages.