SEO Management, Keyword Research

Affinity Tracker is a website platform designed for monitoring traffic, website conversion tracking, keyword & competitor research, and search engine placement for both your website and your competitors.

Metrics: Real-Time Tracking of Visitors
Website metrics is a traffic monitoring tool that is designed to be easy to understand and determine visitor movement around your website, their location, how a visitor found you, and what pages the vistior looked at prior to converting or leaving the website. This tool allows for a page by page disection of analytical data, keyword data, and referring website data. The visitor's location is also determined based on their IP address.

Nationally and Locally Tracked Keywords
Produce reports that show your rank for different keywords, for example page 1, spot 4. Some search engines also include the searcher's location to provide more relevant results and we can also track that too by including your zip code. Data for search engine results is archived to run reports on growth compared to previous months and when comparing to competitors.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is a major part of organic keyword rankings. Affinity Tracker allows you to research keywords to determine the total number of searches, trends, results, and compare that information with your current search engine placement of a particular keyword. In addition, you can also find related keywords and create different keyword combinations you may have not yet thought of.

Competitor Research & Monitor
In the world of search engine results, you only need to be better than your competitors. Affinity Tracker allows you to track your competitor's keyword rankings and compare them to yours. You can receive notifications when your competitor passes you on a term. There are several factors that go into what estabishes keyword ranking. This application also includes competitor research to monitor a competitor's PageRank, Alexa popularity score, and link trends.

Link Monitoring
Relavant link building is one of the factors in establishing good search engine placement. Affinity Tracker allows you to manage links you have built. The software will monitor these links monthly to ensure they are kept on the website. In addition to checking your link, it will also monitor the website you have a link from for any change in PageRank, additional links on the website, OR IP address changes. This is especailly valuable if this is a paid link on a high authority website.

Inbound Links
This service will search out the internet and find websites linking to you and give you an estimated influence score based on the authority of the website and several other factors. This then tells you which of the links linking to you are the most valuable as well as your variety of anchor text and disbursement of different types of websites. Because of the enormous size of the internet, this tool does not find all the links but does give you a good report on the type of links you have coming in.

Affiliate Link Tracking
Affinity Tracker allows the setup and management of affiliate links which can be monitored. This information can then reported back the number of visitors referred from the affiliate link, total conversions, and total sales (if ecommerce) between a given a date range.

Conversion Tracking
Conversion tracking allows you to see exactly how many conversions (in dollars if ecommerce) were made during a campaign. This allows you to track the success of your efforts and investment during a campaign. Conversion funnels, A/B Testing, and other methods are some of the many tools available during your campaign.

Optimization Tools
Website optimization is one of the biggest factors in determing keyword rankings in search engines. Proper website optimization needs properly formulated title tags, meta tags, and unique content. Affinity Tracker allows you to compare these tags next to one another and alerts you if there are any duplicates. In addition, you can also run searches on your content to see if any other website has copied or has something similar to your content. This is important because search engines won't know how to properly rank a result if the content is the same. This can also prevent against plagiarism.

CSV Exports & API Access
Just about all the reports produced in your Affinity Tracker account can be exported to CSV or accessed in your own application via API. The API also allows you to create and run additional reports remotely.

Setup & Integration Into Your Website

Affinity Tracker requires that a website be built on a special website platform that we've established for tracking this special information, recording conversion and capturing metrics data. Monthly packages include hosting and in most cases a complete site optimization. This allows your website to reach optimal search engine placement quickly so that you can take advantage of the tracking tools and see a return. Please contact us for more information. Pricing starts at $29/month. Please see Organic SEO Manager for SEO tracking tools that do not require conversion.