Site Optimization

On-site optimization is a critical component in making a functional website visible in search rankings. Remember to keep the end game in mind, you can’t simply have a well designed website and hope to build traffic and a customer base. You need to optimize your site using search engine friendly techniques if you hope to draw new customers and profit to your business. In order to boost your rankings, especially locally, you need to properly use relevant keywords, content, and server requirements. This is where we are here to help. With each custom website, we use specific techniques in order to optimize your site and meet all search engine requirements. 

During development, we will create all necessary tags and keywords to ensure your website the best opportunity for coming up in search rankings. We will aid you with your content to make sure it is unique, relevant, and not overrun with keyword stuffing. We will also write scripts to tell the search engine robots to delete old pages from its directory, so that only the fresh pages and content will be searched for. A site map page, robots, and XML document will be created to provide the latest updates for search engines. 

We employ several methods to create high ranking content for search engines such as:

  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Image Optimization
  • URL Rewrites (mod-rewrites)
  • SEO Friendly Page Content
  • Blog Development & Marketing
  • Article Resource Library
  • Cross-Linking / Linking within the page
  • SEO Site Architecture
  • Dynamic/Freshly-Updated Content
  • Mobile Compatibility

On-site optimization is one key factor in making a great website rank well in search engines. Depending on your business niche and competition, additional SEO techniques may be desired to achieve optimal rankings.