Keyword Tracking & SEO Research Tools

Organic SEO ManagerOrganic SEO Manager is a web application to assist in researching and progress tracking of a organic marketing campaign. Unlike Affinity Tracker, it does not require the integration onto a special web platform to collect its data and can connect to any website regardless of the programming lanagage or developer.

Manage Multiple Website Projects & Campaigns
Manage multiple website projects under one login. This is a great solution for SEO and Marketing agencies to organize their data for their clients.

Nationally and Locally Tracked Keywords
Produce reports that show your rank for different keywords, for example page 1, spot 4. Some search engines also include the searcher's location to provide more relevant results and we can also track that too by including your zip code. Data for search engine results is archived to run reports on growth compared to previous months and when comparing to competitors.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is a major part of organic keyword rankings. Organic SEO Manager allows you to research keywords to determine the total number of searches, trends, results, and compare that information with your current search engine placement of a particular keyword. In addition, you can also find related keywords and create different keyword combinations you may have not yet thought of.

Competitor Research & Monitor
In the world of search engine results, you only need to be better than your competitors. Organic SEO Manager allows you to track your competitor's keyword rankings and compare them to yours. You can receive notifications when your competitor passes you on a term. There are several factors that go into what estabishes keyword ranking. This application also includes competitor research to monitor a competitor's PageRank, Alexa popularity score, and link trends.

Organic SEO Manager is in beta (all of the tools with the exception of the API are available now). Sign up now to be locked in to a low price package (packages start at $10/month) for the life of your account by contacting us. The full version of Organic SEO Manager will be available later this year.