What To Avoid In Your Redesign: Failing To Consider Your URL Structure

As you are redesigning your website and creating order and organization, don’t forget about a little detail called a URL. You may find littered throughout your site lengthy URLs that don’t make much sense and don’t seem to correspond with your actual content. Restructuring these URLs should take top priority during your redesign.

URLs may seem an insignificant detail to worry about later, but trust us, you want to address this issue right away. Search engines prefer URLs that are clean and easy to understand what your page is all about. Plus, URLs that contain targeted and relevant keywords are also a great way to target you SEO campaign and help your search rankings. 

As a general rule of thumb when creating URLs, always use dashes (-) between words instead of underscores (_). Dashes create many more opportunities for your pages to be discovered. And remember, since now is the time for reorganization, your URLs are no exception. URLs need to be structured and follow your sitemap. Not to mention that subfolders can add value to parent pages. This will make it a lot easier on the user.