What To Avoid In Your Redesign: Leaving Untrustworthy Backlinks Alone

Backlinks, or sometimes known as inbound links, have a mixed reputation. While it’s true that attaining backlinks from trusted websites is a great way to boost your own rankings, they also can contain a dark side if you’re not careful.

Google is tightening down on what is acceptable with links and if it suspects that there are low-quality, spam-like sites linking to your site, your rankings will suffer. This is some major negative SEO that you want to avoid at all costs. Now that you are redesigning your site, this is the perfect opportunity to take note of all your backlinks and remove the ones that are untrustworthy. If you are unsure how to go about finding out whether your backlinks are good or bad, there are several software tools to help you identity the bad links on your website. These tools will help you identify the harmful links and help you remove them quickly.

A mistake that many SEO marketers make is to get as many backlinks as possible, and by doing so, they will receive more SEO traffic. Don’t think this way! It’s not necessarily about link building. It’s more a mindset of making your content easy for your audience to read, understand, and share. This is what will make your site visible to search engines.