Spring Clean Your Email Campaign

Spring has finally sprung and now is a great time to clean up your email marketing campaigns. We’ve found a couple of tips to be very helpful in making sure your email communications are simple, deliberate, and relevant.

Reach Out to Your Customers in the Most Effective Manner

Any time a business reaches out to its customers and actually listens to what they say, trust is being built and customers believe in the brand. These communications can happen through social shares as well as reviews, surveys, etc. It’s very important to look at your data and determine the most effective manner for reaching out to your customers, whether it’s email, text, social media posts, or even more traditional communications. Remember, the key here is to listen to your customers. If they seem more inclined to respond to emails, use that as your marketing strategy. If you don’t receive much feedback through social media, try another channel. Use your customers as a guide to find out how often, when, about what, and through what method they wish to hear from you.

Customize the Frequency of Communications

Communication with your customers needs to be personal - this isn’t an option, it’s expected. Again, you need to be looking to your customers for clues of interest in your communications. Are they opening your offers and newsletters on certain days? Do they open your emails at all? Look at the data! Use this information to pare down or increase communications accordingly. It’s all about sending times that are relevant for customers. 

Test and Test Again

Nobody ever gets it perfect the first time. It can be hard to know what will interest an audience without trying it first. Test everything, from subject lines to images and messages. This will help you find out what offers perform best among certain segments.    Don’t be shy about this. It’s okay to try out different options until you find the right balance that will appeal to your customers. The more relevant your brand, the more well received you will be.