It's a Digital Spring Clean

The sun is shining more frequently, the days are longer, and the flowers are blooming. That can only mean one thing, spring is here! While your mind might be set to all the spring cleaning to do's in your house and yard, don't forget about a digital clean as well. It's the perfect time for web professionals to do a little cleanup with these helpful strategies.

Give Social Media a Refresh

Most businesses use at least some form of social media on a regular basis, but even if status updates are changing constantly and new information is being posted, the rest of your presence tends to stay the same. Now is the time to update your social profiles. Make sure your information like category, description, address, and website are all correct. Taking a few minutes to make sure you are currently updated will help your social pages be easier to find in search results. And while you're at it, decide if it’s time for a refresh with your design. Do you need to update profile pictures, banners, or cover photos? Give your pages a spring rejuvenation and add some new imagery.

Organize Your Inbox

Inboxes are notorious for being overlooked in terms of organization. It's easy to click and read all your emails for a few minutes in between projects and then be left as you go on to the next task. And what tends to happen? Emails pile up and when you go to look for a particular one, it's hard to find. Take the time now to go through your email and delete all spam and create folders that will sort your emails by importance and help you find emails when you need them.

Simplify Your Business Listings

The tide has turned so that more consumers are using mobile devices to search on the go. It is vital for businesses with physical locations to show up in the search results, both in terms of search engines and in local discovery platforms. It’s time to revisit your listings and clean them up! Make sure address and telephone numbers are updated and current, and if you can, try adding descriptive business descriptions and photos to listings when possible. Make it as easy as possible for consumers to find you.

Clean Up Your Subscriber List

While it is important to grow your email list and continually add users, it’s also important to go through the list every now and then and weed out the folks who ignore or delete your messages. If you don’t do this, it can actually harm your brand’s sender reputation. It’s a quick fix to sift through your list and delete those contacts whose emails have bounced back or haven’t shown up in recent opening reports. You want to make sure that those on your list are responsive to your emails and actually want to receive them. These are the folks who will be more willing to share what you have to say with others.

Update Passwords

It seems that no one is safe in today's digital world from pesky hackers. It is important to always have secure passwords in order to keep your information safe. Changing passwords for social media pages, email, and other admin accounts on a regular basis is one way to prevent yourself from being hacked. It is suggested that you change your password at a minimum of every six months. Make sure that you record it in a safe place and only share with those people who may need access.

Consolidate Forms

Take a look at the forms on your website. Are they too wordy? Too long? Too confusing?  Now is the time to check and make sure that your forms are easy to read and require your site visitors to enter only the necessary information. Forms that are too convoluted or ask too much personal information are often ignored or abandoned. See that this doesn’t happen to you by taking time now to ensure that your forms are quick and efficient for users.