Writing a Great Blog Post

There are many guides on how to write a good blog post, but there are some things about guest posting that are unique. We want to share with you our tips for writing a great guest post.

Use Your Real Name
Faking a real person is hard and blog owners can usually smell you a mile away. Unless you have a dedicated pen name you use frequently, use your real name and be transparent. Trust us, real people get real replies.

Link to Credible Resources
Homepage and product pages are not necessarily credible resources for your article. If all your links in an article are to one domain, anyone can see that your main intent is advertising. If human eyes can see it, then you can bet search engines will too. Credible resources come from studies and other articles that support your claims and arguments.  Link to credible resources and other interesting tidbits that are relevant to the user and add depth to your story.

Link to the Blog
If you happen to post on a topic and the site owner likes the idea, it is probable they have some thoughts on the topic. Link to the site owner’s past posts that support what you are saying. You know you would do it for your blog, so why not do it for their blog as well.

Stop with Exact Match
SEO may want you to get a link with "payday loans", but if it doesn’t make sense in the post, it’s just going to cause problems. Site owners will more than likely reject your post and if it is posted, it’ll likely be on a poor quality site. This may also be known as keyword stuffing which is bad when trying to rank organically.

Write for the Reader
Don’t try to sell and don’t write a piece for a link because it will most definitely show. Exact match anchors are declining in importance. Link to something readers will find useful and enjoy. Remember, it’s about them, not you. And please double check for grammar and spelling errors.

Include Yourself
You are the writer, so make sure to support your piece with time and attention. Adding in your own anecdotes and voice will show you are indeed a real person and readers will be able to relate to your story.