Using Video for Content Marketing

We all know that engaging content is of the utmost importance, but sometimes we scratch our heads on how to achieve content that consumers will be interested in. Videos are an up and coming method of marketing to consumers and a very effective content type. Read on to find out how to use video in your content marketing.

The world of content marketing is always evolving and changing and more and more businesses are turning to video to gain clicks, win traffic and build their brand. But how are businesses using these videos to boost business?

Product Reviews: The general rule of thumb is that most consumers are more confident in their purchases if they watch a product video before they buy. Don’t hesitate to create a video to demonstrate how a product really works and its benefits to the consumer. Believing is seeing!

Product Demonstrations: Live demonstrations allows potential customers the opportunity to better understand your offerings. This will help boost customer confidence and will more than likely have them return to your site. 

Interviews: On-camera interviews are a great way to deliver your company’s message to prospective and returning clients. Genuine and informative videos make your on-point messages more engaging and accessible. Putting real faces to a company is reassuring to consumers and builds trust and ongoing relationships. 

Testimonials: Strong testimonials are so important to businesses. Consumers greatly trust the reviews others have written and it often prompts them to visit and shop from you. Testimonial videos can definitely increase your credibility among consumers, build trust, and answer commonly asked questions. 

Culture Videos: Instead of highlighting one or two particular products to build brand recognition, culture videos allow a business to showcase what makes everyday life in their office unique.