Are Your E-Commerce Customers Not Buying?

Having an e-commerce store can be tricky work, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s one thing to have an online store that customers can browse through, but it’s a completely different animal to have them actually follow through and make a purchase. There are numerous factors that customers look at when thinking about making a purchase online and it doesn’t take much to make a customer frustrated and decide not to make a purchase after all. That is what we want to avoid. The whole goal of having an e-commerce store is to avoid as many annoyances and confusions as possible so that your customers will go through the buying process with ease. If your customers are browsing, but failing to shop and buy, you may want to read more to see what you can do to make the buying process easier and less stressful.

Overly Complex Checkout Process

The Problem: There are a few customers out there who are willing to jump through a number of hoops and obstacles to make a purchase, but they are few and far between. The majority can be quite cautious about buying online and if the process seems too confusing or has too many steps, they will abandon ship and go elsewhere. Any checkout process that contains unnecessary steps or asks for more information than is required will lead to abandoned carts.

The Solution: It’s easy - simplify! Creating a one-page checkout process will drastically reduce the time it takes for a customer to complete a purchase, making it easier for them to actually buy product from your site.

Lack of Information

The Problem: If a customer has a question regarding their purchase (i.e. How do I talk to a customer service representative on the phone? or How easily can I make an exchange if this outfit doesn’t fit?) and they can’t find the answer online, it’s more likely you will lose them as a customer. 

The Solution: Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick answer to this problem. However, you can do your homework and think about potential problems and doubts your customers may develop while going through the buying process. Depending on what kind of product you are selling and who you are selling to, you can use various methods such as analytics, surveys, and user testing to find out more information about your customers. This information can help you create content to address customer concerns.

Uncompetitive Pricing

The Problem: Online shopping is a very competitive market. Most often, you won’t be the only one selling a particular product, so it is very important that you keep on top of your competitors and their pricing. If you remain ignorant, chances are your customers are going elsewhere to make purchases because they can find the product for less money.

The Solution: If your niche is small enough, you may be able to track competitor pricing manually. This can be time consuming and if your product range and niche are larger, you may want to look to using a service to help you track your competitors and their pricing.

A Slow Site

The Problem: There is nothing more frustrating for a shopper for a slow site. The slower the site, the greater likelihood that your customers are going elsewhere. 

The Solution: The easiest way to solve this problem is to make sure you have a solid and responsive hosting provider that will give you the service you need.

Lack of Social Proof

The Problem: It’s nice to read reviews from other customers about products they have purchased. Reviews can greatly influence whether or not a purchase is made. If your site has no customer reviews anywhere to be found, it’s less likely you’ll make the sale. 

The Solution: Get social! Integrate testimonials, reviews, ratings, and social widgets on your site. Give customers a voice and allow them to leave their opinion - this in turn will give future customers more of an opportunity to trust your product and make a purchase.

Addressing these problems in your e-commerce store will greatly improve your chances of customers following through with selecting products and making an actual purchase. It’s an ongoing job to monitor your online store and research your customers, but it’s worth it if you want to increase your sales and grow your business. Investing your time shows you care and want to make the checkout process as streamlined and easy as possible.