Please Note Your Change of Address

Google has recently sent a very clear message to site owners regarding their URL address. You need to tell the search engines about your HTTPS URLs. As of now, over 80% of HTTPS URLs that are ready to be indexed are currently being displayed as regular HTTP URLs because Google isn’t aware of the switch. 

HTTP redirecting to HTTPS cannot happen until Google is notified. In order to do this, you simply go to your Google Webmaster Tools and add in the change. Most site owners have been making the switch since Google announced there would be a slight ranking boost for doing so. The problem that is happening is that many people are making the change and then leaving it at that. 

Unfortunately, switching your URLs to HTTPS isn’t something you just do and then forget about. If you don’t let Google know where to find your HTTPS URLs, they won’t have a clue where to look for them, your site won’t be indexed, and you can forget about any kind of ranking boost. Thankfully, the solution is easy: just let Google know and you will be set. It can be a common error that many site owners overlook, but it’s always best to cross every T and dot every I.