New Year's Resolution - Better Office Posture

It’s been said many times, but we are a society that likes to sit and our jobs are no exception. We find ourselves sitting more and more and this is especially true of the workplace, but even after work we are sitting in the car on the drive home and on the couch watching TV. Desk jobs have twice the risk for cardiovascular disease than non-desk jobs. Now is the time to do something about it and pay attention to your posture. Find a chair that lets you keep your feet flat on the floor and allows you to move around a bit so that your body is actually doing some work. Also, it’s very important to get up every thirty minutes and walk around. Do some lunges, calf raises, and shoulder raises to get your blood circulating and stretch your muscles. Take a couple of minutes to watch the following video and promote your well being by paying better attention to your body during the work day.