Misconfigured Mobile Websites Won't Rank in Google

No Mobile PhoneThere have been reports that Google will be releasing a new update soon to not rank pages with bad mobile SEO as well. The questions you may want to ask yourself is, does your site work well for mobile users? Do you have any issues with errors? If so, you better get those fixed right away. In the near future, sites that have mobile experience issues will not rank as highly in Google or smartphone search results.

Google has released a statement that they will begin to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users. What does this mean for you? It would be a good idea to check out your mobile site and make sure you do not have these two common mobile configuration mistakes.

Faulty Redirects

Faulty redirects will occur when a page listed in search may direct all smartphone users to the same single mobile page, rather than to a mobile optimized version of the page they are after.

Smartphone-Only Error

Smartphone-Only Error is the second common mistake is that smartphone users, when trying to access a web page listed in search, get an error and nothing is listed.

If your mobile pages are properly configured, it will allow searchers to experience your content fully and improve the mobile web.