Is Facebook Losing Its Edge?

When Facebook first appeared to the social media scene, it was like an explosion overnight. Everyone was creating a profile, listing all their personal information, posting their daily habits, and forever marking time with photos. For many years, this was the social platform for all online activity. It was a great way to check up on friends and family and keep up to date with the latest happenings in everyone’s lives. Now, it seems as if activity is slowly dwindling and public interest is starting to wane.

With new social platforms and networking services popping up, such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest, it’s really no wonder that  Facebook users might be lured away to the next best thing. Facebook may still be the default social network, but it doesn’t look like it holds the appeal it once used to. You can liken Facebook to a scrapbook. It’s a place to go and document major events and keep track of others, but it’s not something you look at everyday. In other words, Facebook has lost a bit of its edge - no longer is it quite as appealing to users, especially the younger audiences.

As a business, what does this mean for you? Facebook may not be what it used to be, but it still is a major social platform. Businesses can still create profiles to market potential audiences, but the key is to create a dynamic profile with useful, relevant information that will draw your audience in and lead to loyal followers. This also means that you can’t treat it like a scrapbook, posting only every now and then. You have to be diligent and post frequently, but make sure that your posts are quality and of interest to your audience. Perhaps you have a new product, a promotion, coupons, daily deals, and so on. Use this information to entice your audience and receive more “likes” to your page - this in turn will give you the potential to create a wider audience base, which almost always leads to more business.