Earning Links Through Content

Earning links through the content that you publish on your website is one of the best ways to compete in your given industry. These links will give your website authority as well as drive more traffic organically. Link building is a widely used term among SEO practitioners to build credibility in a website and to get it to rank higher on search engines. Link building is a very useful tool and it’s important to focus on creating strategies that will help your website earn links as quality as possible. Two such strategies are content development and social outreach.

Focus on Content Development

Content has become all important in internet marketing. In order to come out ahead of your competition, you need to create high quality content to make it stand out among your competitors. To create valuable content, begin with your audience. Try and think like them - how would they search a subject? What kinds of keywords would they use? What kind of specific information might they look for? Asking these kinds of questions will give you the information you need to write content and it will help you to target the appropriate audience.

Once you’ve thought through possible scenarios of how your audience would search your website, your next step is to create content that includes all the information needed to satisfy your audience. Content is not only text, it can be helpful images or video tutorials. You can also hyperlink additional resources that will add important information to your content. One rule of thumb - make sure it is quality. Don’t just add content to fill space. Make sure it is meaningful and relevant to your industry.

A great way to earn links for your website is to feature people in your industry within your content. Don’t simply insert their link into your content and leave it at that. It’s common courtesy to mention them by name or include their social media contact before you site their content. This will not only help you build better connections, but it will help establish your reputation, especially if your referring links add value to your readers.

Social Outreach

Social outreach is perhaps the most effective way to let everyone know about your upcoming or newly published campaign. This can be done through many outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, email campaigns, blogs, etc.  It is also effective at driving your audience back to your website by publishing your posts through social media. Business owners find social media to be very beneficial. They can use social media channels to reach out to existing, as well as, new customers, get new leads, or meet potential investors. Through social outreach, business owners can also build connections and drive traffic to their site.

Once you have posted content, check on it periodically to see the page views of your article and identify how many people read your post, commented, and shared in social media. If your content is noticed by others and well received, you have the potential of building solid relationships within your industry. These readers may start to follow you on social media and visit your website regularly, not to mention referencing your content in their own work. This is a solid and positive way to make yourself noticed in whatever creative industry you are pursuing.

Link building is a great SEO tool to help rank well within search engines, but it won't do you any good without good, solid content that is valuable to readers and worth sharing.