Facebook Contests: 5 Benefits for Small Businesses

Facebook is a great outlet for small businesses. No matter what you have intended as your goals for your small business Facebook page, contests are a fun and unique way of achieving them. Whether you want to engage your fan base, build an email list, grow your fan base or just have fun, contests are a quick and easy way to get there.

Get Exposure for your Page

People love to be the first to know about something, and to share about it with others. Give them something to share with their friends and boost your marketing at the same time.

Increase Your Likes

Who doesn’t like the opportunity to win something? Having contests on your page is going to bring in new likes on its own, especially as people share with their friends. In order to guarantee a big jump in numbers, make liking your page a requirement to enter the contest.

Encourage Participation and Engagement

Participation is key to engage your followers. Contests that request participation from your followers are much more likely to increase their attachment to your brand. Not only will it make them spend time thinking about your brand and what it means to them, but you have the added benefit of collecting valuable marketing collateral for the future.

Get to Know your Engaged Fan Base

For contest purposes, people are a bit more willing to give personal information, so don’t be shy about asking. Take a moment to think about what kind of information would be useful in your future marketing efforts and see what you can learn as part of your contest.

Grow your Email Base

If you have an email marketing program, or believe that you will have one in the future, always take the opportunity to request an email address to add to your database. Get higher quality leads by making this a voluntary act and tell people why they should sign up.

Create a contest, have fun with it, and watch the increased flow of followers become interested in your small business.