5 Reasons You Should Consider Facebook Advertising

You might be wondering if Facebook can bring results to your small business or is it just  a wasted resource. You’d be surprised to learn that Facebook can indeed drive awareness through impressions and grow your Facebook page, as well as generate new business and clients. The following five reasons will show why every small business should be advertising on Facebook.

It’s Easy
First and foremost, Facebook ads are easy and designed for any small business owner to create basic ads. Ad campaigns and traditional ad networks can be very overwhelming for small business owners to consider and choose from, but Facebook ads are simple, effective, and empower small businesses and organizations to own their own digital marketing activities.

You Can Reach a High Audience
Facebook has over a billion active users, it is the largest engaged user base in the world. Over half of users log in daily and in the United States, users spend more time on Facebook than any other competing platform.

It’s Targeted
Being able to target your ads to a specific audience is crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of any ad campaign. Facebook’s online ads target users with 90% accuracy. This is a huge advantage as it allows you to target users using demographic data (location, age range, gender), but also using interests data and social connections. For example, if you make jewelry and want to target people on Facebook, you can specifically target people that Facebook identifies as being interested in jewelry, fashion, etc.

It Works and It’s Cost Effective
Targeting your audience directly translates into cost effectiveness. Why would you want to waste your advertising budget on people who aren’t interested? Facebook ads tend to be very visual. This is a benefit to you because more people click on the visual ads as compared to text-ad equivalents. Also, the fact that Facebook ads are social in nature is another point in your favor. In a Facebook study, 50% of Facebook users consistently said that their friends’ recommendations play an important role in their decision making process. In targeting these “friends of fans” in your ads, Facebook is taking advantage of the relationship between your Facebook fans and their friends.

It’s Mobile Ready
At the click of a button you can make your ads appear on mobile phones as well. However, this isn’t always the right option for everyone. If your goal is to get more likes on Facebook, or to promote a post, then mobile is a great choice for you. But if you are going for sales, then you should consider whether your purchase flow on your website is already optimized for mobile purchases.