Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business profile is a public profile designed for businesses and organizations. This is different than a personal page because it allows your followers or customers to "like" your page and not require acceptance of a friendship. It's also a good idea because you don't have to share your personal profile content and photos with your customers. One of the biggest benefits from a online marketing perspective is that your business Facebook page is crawled by search engines. Search engines pick up on the activity within your business profile and perceive it as popular, pushing you higher in relevant search rankings. This helps your SEO.

The first step to get your Facebook business profile started is to create the page. If you haven't done so already, you can do so at the Facebook Create a Page section while you're logged into your account. After creating this you will be assigned as an admin. You can also make other people admins who like your page as well.

Your ultimate goal is to get your visitors to "like" and interact with your business page with the posts you make as well as with other followers. When a customer "likes" a business profile page, all the posts you make will show up on their main dashboard of their Facebook account. When you create a Facebook page it's very important not to let the page go stale. You need to update and interact with your follows frequently. A Facebook profile is "like" the beginning and not the end of a marketing task just to create followers.

There are several tips you can do to be successful on your profile. You need to identify your audience (your customers). Customize each post tailored toward them and not constantly promoting your business. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% should be useful or inspiring information and comments and only 20% marketing. Offer incentives and link deals into your website like free shipping using this promo code exclusively for Facebook followers. Make sure when posting an update that it is available to everyone for maximum exposure. Get links into your website from Facebook. This is in addition to links on your info tab. Post links to internal pages of your website from your Facebook profile to promote from within and get people to interact with each.

Finding your Facebook profile can sometimes be difficult because Facebook will provide you a long URL (website address) for your page such as www.facebook.com/pages/Matthew-Fleming-Inc-Website-Development/131219810264442. Fortunately Facebook offers a username option for customers to remember, for example www.facebook.com/matthewfleminginc. You can set this up by going to Facebook.com/username.

And lastly, it's important to post articles during times when your customers will be on their Facebook, otherwise your post may be lost in the daily shuffle. According to a Facebook study, posts before noon get the best response from fans, with Friday being the best day to post. Weekend days are the worst days for business pages to post.

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