Elements of a Great Homepage

Your homepage is your welcome letter to all users who visit your site. It’s important to take great care when designing your homepage so that readers will understand your business message and take action. A good homepage will effectively communicate the purpose of your business.  No matter what your business is, there are certain elements that all well-designed websites will have.


The sizing and placement of your logo is essential for a good homepage. Your logo should do a pretty good job in communicating what your company does. This is something to consider when designing your logo. However, it is not required that your logo mirror what your business is. If you’re unsure about your logo, it’s a good idea to consult a designer. 


Any homepage worth its salt will have a functional and easy to use navigation. Your navigation buttons should guide users to the most important items of your website (i.e. products, about, contact, etc.). 


Photos are a great idea for your homepage. People zero in on images first before even considering reading content. Do your images and stock photos communicate what your business does? You should always include images that align with the message of your business. A word of caution - use images tastefully. You want a clean look for your homepage, so don’t clutter the space with several images. Usually a banner or slider at the top will be sufficient. 

Search Capabilities

Adding search functionality to you website can be a tremendous help to users and it also declutters the layout of your page in general. The search element will let users freely type in what they are looking for without having to traverse all through your site. Remember, it’s all about creating an easy to use experience for your users.

Content and Copy

Content isn’t generally the focus of the homepage, but it is important to give an introduction to you business. This is also important for SEO and ranking factors. When writing content for your homepage, keep in the back of your mind that you want to engage your users so that they will read, digest, and act on your message. 

Call to Action

What is most essential that you convey to customers? Do you want people to join your mailing list? Do you want to provide the opportunity to chat in real time? Download a coupon or promotional offer? What is it that you want customers to act on and what is the takeaway from your site? Your call to action should be prominent on your site and easy to find. This is a great opportunity for your users to interact with your site and hopefully keep their interest to learn more.