Don't Commit These Landing Page No-No's

Landing pages are a critical element of any website. This is where consumers will get a first glance at what your company is all about and if they see something they like, you will gather leads and build a customer base. Nowadays the web is accessed more and more through mobile devices and it’s more important than ever to optimize your landing pages for such devices. There are a couple of key factors that will put a halt to any type of conversion rates on mobile devices. Take a minute to read through and make sure you aren’t committing any of these errors.

Lengthy Forms that are Difficult to Complete

No matter whether you are accessing the web via a desktop or mobile device, no one wants to have to fill out a lengthy form. Not only is it time consuming, but for those who are using a mobile device, it can be next to impossible. If you don’t have forms that are optimized for mobile devices, you can say goodbye to a large percentage of users. When optimizing your forms, you want to make sure they are concise and easy to fill out. Remember, we all have different finger sizes and it can be very annoying to have to pinch and zoom and type into tiny boxes. 

When Does the Scrolling Stop?

There’s nothing worse that having to scroll endlessly on a mobile device in order to find the information you seek. If you happen to have a landing page that requires users to scroll on and on to find what they are looking for, chances are they will leave your site and go elsewhere. It’s critical that your landing page content appear within just one form. This will greatly improve your conversion rates. 

Not All Fingers are Created Equal

Does your landing page have enough space for finger input? It becomes challenging when the user is trying to click on a button that is tiny and not user-friendly. This creates a lot of frustration among users who are looking for simple and easy. Make sure your buttons are instantly clickable.

First Impressions are Critical

You pretty much have only seconds to make a good impression. In that short amount of time a user should understand the gist of the who, what, and how of your brand. If that isn’t the case, more than likely they won’t complete your call to action. Mobile device users are on the go and they need information quick. Your landing page should give the down and dirty of what your company is about in an attractive format. And always include a call to action to help improve conversion rates, whether you are using a form, phone number, mailing list, etc.