Content Marketing So Much More Than Blogging

Content MarketingWhen you hear the phrase content marketing, some people just want to run and hide in the closet. You may be thinking content marketing is difficult and hard to think up new ideas. Or you might be cringing at the thought of having to write another blog article. Before you break out in a cold sweat, we’re here to tell you that content marketing is more than just blogging. Time to breathe a sigh of relief. While content marketing in the form of blogging is important, there are other content formats that can be used. One such format is visual content - a great tool for capturing the interest of your audience. Luckily for you, we have several suggestions on how you can incorporate visual content into your marketing strategy to shake things up a bit.

Traditional Images

First off, you can’t go wrong with being traditional. You can use images to say the words for you. Remember the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s true! Images almost always work better than text-based posts on social networks. And you aren’t limited to using images just in your blogs. You can include images in your email campaigns, social networks, and of course, on-site. Don’t be afraid to break up the wordiness of your site with a few eye-catching images.


People love infographics! These fun charts are a great way to grab the attention of your readers and include all the important data in an abbreviated fashion that is entertaining to read. Infographics are a great way to gain attention for your business and increase visibility. And they can be easy to create! You may have an in-house design team that can design an infographic or you can be brave and do it yourself. There are all kinds of infographic building tools available. 

Visual Text

We’re not talking about 12 point Helvetica font here. Visualize text-based designs that capture the eye because the text tends to be rather large and has bright colors. This is a great strategy to use when designing visual posts to be shared across various social networks when promoting a sale or promotional event. 


These presentations are no longer for boring office meetings. Slideshows are a wonderful way to present content to audiences. When you create a slideshow for your website, you are allowing your audience to click through at their pace and read about the information presented. Each slide provides the opportunity to share a small story of easy to read content that is entertaining and informational all at the same time. 


Video marketing is perhaps one of the most popular ways to promote content. Videos offer the chance to show how a product/service works, share customer feedback, and so much more. Videos don’t have to be boring either. You can add a bit of kitsch and make them silly and entertaining for audiences. YouTube is the popular choice for uploading videos and sharing across media channels. Vimeo is also a great tool to upload and host videos.