Writing Successful Blog Post

Anyone can put their thoughts down on paper, but it isn’t always easy to turn those words into something other people want to read. Writing a blog post can be tricky for some people who struggle to craft their post in a meaningful and sensical way. Here are a few tips to help you get the creative juices flowing.

First off, the main goal is to grab your reader’s attention. It’s often the headline or title that gets read more than anything else. If you take the time to think of an attention grabbing headline, you have compelled your reader’s to continue reading. Once you’ve come up with a headline, the next key point is the first three to four sentences. If your post contains interesting reading right from the beginning, people are more likely to read through the entire article. Before diving right into the meat of your article, take a couple of sentences to introduce the topic and entice your readers to continue reading. If it’s dry right from the beginning, your audience will move on quickly and skip the rest of the article. And the key is to be brief - your audience should be left wanting more, not knowing everything in the first paragraph.

Your blog post should most definitely contain your voice. These are your thoughts and words after all, so make them personable and give your readers some emotion to connect to. Triggering emotions in your reader is sure to guarantee that they continue reading and possibly share with others. Once you’ve convinced your readers your post is something worth reading, its time to get into the heart of your blog post. Your main content should be original, informative, and entertaining. Whether you are writing a step-by-step tutorial, a funny story, or a how-to guide, your content is where you want to focus the bulk of your attention. A quick word of advice - practical and useful information is more viral than other types of content.

You’re almost to the end of your post and it’s time to wrap up with a conclusion. What was your call to action with this post? Recap with one sentence or so and give your readers the chance to share the article or comment. Having a comment field allows you to interact with your readers, build a fan base, and encourage relationships. Blogging is one of the most popular forms of communication today and with a little fine tuning, you can craft your thoughts into the written word. Everyone has something important to say, so don’t be afraid to blog and share with others.