What To Avoid In Your Redesign: Update Robots File To Allow Search Engines

After all of your hard work, countless hours spent going through your redesigned website with a fine toothed comb, the payoff is here and it’s time to launch your site. But there is one more thing you need to think about before giving the final go ahead.

Launch day of your new website is a pretty big deal, so it’s really no surprise that one teensy tiny item on your checklist might go unnoticed. You’ve launched your new site, given yourself a pat on the back, and told all your friends to check out your fresh, new, and most of all, perfect site. But there’s one problem. The search engines bring up nothing. Before you start to get all hot and bothered, ask yourself one thing - did you block search engines from taking a peek at your site while it was under construction? You did? No sweat. Double check your robot.txt file and check with Google Webmaster Tools to make sure your site is being indexed. Now that the search engines know where to find you, you can rest easy and enjoy your beautiful new website.

More information on your robots.txt file can be found here: www.robotstxt.org