What To Avoid In Your Redesign: Failure To Be Human

We've come to the end of our blog series on the top ten mistakes people make when redesigning their website. We've covered many technical aspects such as keyword research, links, content writing, 301 redirects, etc, but perhaps most important (and most easily forgotten) is to be human!

There is so much hype about SEO and correct marketing techniques, that it’s easy to get swept up in the technical jargon. Always keep in the back of your mind that you are creating a website for people first, search engines second. A good rule to follow is to always add value. Think about who your audience is and who you are targeting when you write your blog posts, comments, and update social media and web pages. It’s not necessarily about fitting in every proper keyword and finding backlinks. Those are important, but it’s more important to give your content voice. People will read and share your valuable content and the SEO will take care of itself. A second rule to follow is to be yourself. Don’t obsess over every single word you write or you’ll drive yourself crazy, not to mention that you’re writing will turn out more awkward and stilted than you intended. Instead, write about what you know and make it more of a conversation with your readers. Keep it natural feeling and readers will find you because you are speaking the same language. 

Google is ever changing and with its recent updates, it can now recognize full-sentence queries. This means that search has become much more conversational. Google doesn’t merely want to give results, it wants to give you answers. And you already know that the best answers will come from websites that are designed with their visitors in mind. Keep this thought front and center when redesigning your site. As long as you focus on creating a site that delivers the user experience you want and has value, SEO will naturally fall into place.