Use Social Media to Improve your Reputation

Social media is not just about socializing on Facebook and tweeting the latest thing you had for lunch. Social media has the versatility and ability to help companies achieve various goals. It can boost your credibility and even help manage your reputation. The following tips will show you ways to use social media to your advantage and give you an edge over your competition.

Monitor Comments

One of the easiest things you can do is pay attention to what your audience is saying and what the general consensus of the comments is. If there is a pattern of compliments across the board about a particular service or product, this is proof that you are doing something right. These positive comments will lead you to repeat the cycle and maintain the same level of quality. If, however, you have received several complaints about a product or service, the issue should be addressed quickly. Whether you are receiving positive or negative comments, it is important to respond because it shows your audience that what they have to say is important. Keep those lines of communication open and your audience won’t let you down with their comments and opinions.

Publish Awesome Content

On many social networking sites, you will find the bulk of posts are typically promotionally driven. In reality, it is the non-promotional content that is more important for building and establishing your brand as an authority. You can accomplish this by posting interesting articles, blog posts, videos, etc. that are relevant to your industry and which your audience will find interesting. Even if you’re in an industry you think others will find “boring”, you can still get creative and publish content that will separate you from the competition and be interesting to your target audience.

Curate Awesome External Content

It’s okay if you don’t write your own unique content all the time. Sprinkle curated content into your blog or individual articles every now and then and look at the advantages it will bring you. For one thing, you can ensure a steady stream of quality material without having to constantly create it yourself. Also, it can show your clients and customers that you aren’t strictly self-serving and you make the effort to provide consistent content, even if it’s not your own.

Be Transparent

If you find a company that looks sketchy and not on the up and up, you pretty much steer clear of them. That is why it is absolutely critical that you establish open and honest communications about your business and come across as friendly and personable. This will help you build relationships with your future clients and customers. It’s also helpful to give your consumers a window on your company culture and show them how you are different from the competition. For example, you might post pictures of your team on the job to let consumers get to know you and who you are on a deeper level. You can also highlight a particular employee each month or post videos. Offering personal insights into your company will work well to attract new business and turn those customers into repeat sales.

There’s no time like the present to start using social media if you haven’t already begun.  Like we said, it’s a great way for customers to get to know you, trust in you, and stay with you. Good luck!