Three SEO Strategies That Will Not Fail You

Web AnalyticsSEO always seems to be a whirlwind of ever changing strategies and tactics that you must keep on top of in order to have the best website. This can easily be frustrating because once you are up to date, the rules have changed once again. However, the good news is that if you’ve kept up on SEO best practices, you’re in very good shape. For the latest SEO updates that come out, you only have to follow up on three items: content, social, and analytics. 

Content - Why You Need to Keep the Search Engines Happy

The number one rule is to avoid content that comes across as mechanic and droll. The computer isn’t writing your content, YOU are, so make sure your written pieces come across as fresh and conversational. More than ever, search engines are relying on semantic search - conversational or natural search results that match the way people speak. The best way to improve your ranking is to actually write like a human. When writing up a new blog post or article, take a view minutes to talk your idea out loud as if you were speaking with someone. The natural flow should follow to your computer screen as you write. 

This goes without saying, but always make sure your content is recent, relative, and authoritative. The foundation of your website, as well as recent content should be geared toward relevant, search-friendly terms that would appear naturally in your text. 

Social - You Need A Strong Online Presence 

Social authority is an important ingredient to any business. The more people you have talking about your business, the better off you’ll be in search engine rankings. If you want your online marketing to succeed, social media is not an option, it’s a requirement. 

If you have an active presence on one or more social media channels, you are instantly amplifying your SEO, along with your reach and visibility online. Social signals can positively influence organic search results of search engines - through volume of mentions and the relevance of social content. 

You may be a bit leery of social media, but there are some simple steps you can do to boost your SEO through social media. First, make sure all your business profiles are completely filled out on your social media accounts. Second, any content you place on social media should be linked back to your business website. Third, your website should have social share buttons on your content pages, blog posts, etc. This way, you can make it easier for your visitors to share your links.

Analytics - Get a Return on Your Investment

You may have created yourself an awesome online campaign, but if you don’t know why it was effective, or perhaps don’t understand why certain strategies didn’t pan out, your work was pretty useless. You must have analytics in order to understand where your visitors are coming from, what did they search on your site, and how best to communicate with them. 

Analytics help you see what is and what isn’t working on your website. This way, you can tweak potential weaknesses on your site in order to ensure the most user friendly experience. There are an assortment of fools and features available to help you implement analytics on your site - Google Analytics is probably the most popular. Major web hosting platforms may also offer built in analytics. 

Keep up on these three areas of SEO and you will attract more visitors to your site, improve your rankings, and increase sales.