The Age Of A Domain Name

One of the many factors in a Google search engine algorithm is the age of the domain. The age of the domain gives the website that sits at the domain credibility. If the domain has been around a while with an active site this means it is probably going to be around for years to come and therefore deserves a higher ranking in Google.

This one small part of Google's algorithm was motivated by spammer internet sites which are developed and usually turned off like yesterday's news. The age of a domain is a good sign whether or not the site will be around for tomorrow.

The two things that are measured in the age of a domain are the age of the website and the segment of time a domain has been authorized. The age of the website is determined by how long the subject matter has been on the internet, how long the site has been marketed and even the last time the content was updated. The length of time a domain has been authorized is measured not only by the actual date the domain was registered, but also how long it's registered for.