Google's Sandbox

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet. Several websites are submitted daily to its directory. Google has to take several precautions in order to avoid people or robots abusing the service referred to as spam before it gives it any type of page rank. This is often referred to as the sandbox effect. It's called the sandbox effect because it filters out those websites who are just there as a quick fad or are there to stay around the web for some time. The sandbox concept is the process of throwing all the new sites into a sandbox and let them interact away from the more creditable sites that are not considered new. Your new website may be in the sandbox for about four months.

If you've just created a website, you may find that your website won't rank for some time because of the sandbox effect. While you're waiting for the sandbox period to end, there are still several steps you can take to promote your site in Google. These include Pay-per-click, articles, RSS feeds, blogging, and social networking. Doing these actions take time and work, but can return an excellent page rank once your site does complete the sandbox duration.

  1.  Make sure you register your domain name for the longest possible time. Many registrars will allow you to register it up to 10 years and often offer discounts for long term registrations. This indicates to the search engine that your site is going to be around for a while and not disappear in a few months. This does help boost your page rank, but only in a very small way.
  2. Register your domain name even before you need it. This gives your domain time to age but is a very small factor without a website in promoting your site on Google. If you decide not to use it, you can always sell it.
  3.  Consider purchasing pre-owned domains. Not only will this allow you to avoid the sandbox effect, but it also allows you to keep whatever page rank the previous site has established.