Give Your Website a Facelift

Websites simply don’t sit still. They are constantly changing and evolving. If you’re in the business, it’s hard to not think about your website and what you could do to improve it. Lucky for you, we have some tips that are easy to implement and will help your site perform better in the days and months to come. 

Check Website Loading Times

Slow sites are a major turnoff to visitors and tend to push them away. It can also make sites rank lower in the search engines. You want to make sure that your pages are loading efficiently and visitors can find their way around your site quickly and with ease. To check the performance of your website, you can use a tool provided by Google, Page Speed Insights. This tool will give you tips to optimize your site’s performance. 

Test Webste Functions

It’s been said many times to test, test, and test some more. You want to make absolutely sure that your site is working as it should. Make sure you go through all your landing pages, calls to action, and all functionality. Look at your site from a visitor standpoint. Is your site friendly? Easy to use? Accessible? Easy to navigate? Test all your buttons and forms to make sure they work and clean up any kinks in the system you may find. This is an ongoing process, but definitely worth it to have a  smooth operating site.

Give Forms a Makeover

Do your customers take the time to sign up for your mailing list or other forms of communication? If the answer is no, it’s time to take a look at your forms and see if there could be a problem. Generally speaking, if the form is too long or asks too many questions, customers are turned off and will likely skip filling out the form. Remove any unnecessary fields of information that you don’t really need. Remember, for email subscriptions, only name and email are truly needed. 


Content marketing is a great way to boost brand awareness and many businesses are finally starting to clue in. All it takes is a little time and initiative to come up with some great topics to write about. Be sure to focus your ideas that are relevant to your audience as well as your industry. Blogging is a great way to produce fresh material and keep your content interesting and up to date. This will help you rank well in search engines. 

Create a Video

Would you like your visitors to stay on your website longer? Simply create a video! Videos are fun and entertaining and will keep the interest of your audience. And it will more than likely bring them back to your site time and again to check out fresh material. Before you get to recording, come up with a plan. Decide if you are creating an instructional, informative, or humorous video. Once you’ve come up with what you want to say, get recording! Once your video is completed, you can upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, etc., as well as uploading it to your own site and distributing it to your audience. 

Give your Logo a Facelift

Perhaps you need a quick solution to add a bit of pizazz to your website. Consider dressing up your logo. You might want to think different colors, retouching images, resizing icons, etc. Or maybe you want to dress it up for the holidays. Sometimes all you need is a little extra “pop” and the logo can provide that. 

Promote Popular Content

Does some of your content seem more popular than other written pieces? Go ahead and promote it! Recommending popular content to your readers will boost traffic recirculation and time on site page views. Add a recommended content bar to your site to make it easy for visitors to click on.

Analyze Analytics

Every business should take a look at their analytics. And not just a glance either. Really get down and dirty and find out the areas that could use improvement. This is what you will want to focus on for your next optimization project.