Every Business Needs A Web Presence

Your web presence is every bit as important as your physical presence

If you are a business owner, you know that marketing is the most important expense on your balance sheet. If people don’t know you exist, it does not matter that you do – you won’t be able to do it without any clients! Years ago, it was enough to hang a shingle, list your number in the local phone book and get to work. Now the competition is fierce and customers want more. In this economy, you must provide not only great service and products, but an easily accessible way for the bulk of your clients to engage with your business.

Be part of the 35%

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of small business owners completely ignore the internet, yet over 85% of consumers research a product or service before they buy? At the very least, you should have a website that defines your company and tells a customer how to find you and why they should. The main purpose of a functional website is to provide value.

Your value comes from so many other sources than just what you do for trade. Education is, by far, the most valuable resource you may offer your clients – and it doesn't cost you a thing. You may keep your clientele updated with new developments in your field; such as new technologies, processes, laws or cost breaks. You may answer questions, refer associates, feature employees, display testimonials and announce awards – all on your website.

With so many ways to stay in touch with your current and future clients, one can only imagine why any business owner would not utilize such a powerful tool. Without a website, you might as well be invisible.

What is worse than invisible?

With the rush to get on the web, many entrepreneurs have grabbed at fast, easy and cheap sites created using cookie-cutter programs that come free with some hosting packages - but that type of free costs too much.

Consumers are savvier and recognize a hastily put-together, unprofessional site. Your site is a direct reflection of who you are and how you conduct business. Would you hand a prospective client a business card you made with crayons and scissors? Of course not! Consider this when you look at your site and how it is built. For all intents and purposes, your website is an extension of your business card. What message does it send?

A bad message is worse than none at all.

I am too busy doing business to work on my website!

Why spend time that you don’t need to? A professionally developed site is worth every penny, and can do so much more than those web pages you may have tossed up years ago. In the past, these static sites were serviceable, but that time is long gone. With the advent of online commerce and social media, you can have a site that enables you to serve your current and potential clients any time of the night or day – actually saving you time. Your site may now include:

  • Full customization, built around your branding and voice
  • Easy, intuitive navigation
  • Interactive forums and postings
  • E-commerce and order fulfillment
  • Appointment setting (including automated customer reminders)
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Online ticketing systems
  • Online accounting systems

Your new website should combine new technologies and proven marketing techniques to create a holistic, valuable web presence that your current clients will appreciate returning to and your prospective clients will associate with the type of quality service they will receive from you. When you get your site professionally designed by Matthew Fleming Inc., it will be:

  • Search-engine friendly (meaning, easily found)
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Easy to maintain
  • Clean, professional and reliable in appearance
  • Concise, with well-edited copy that establishes you as an expert
  • Completely customizable, allowing your staff only as much access as you desire

You are good at what you do, let your expertise shine and your business grow with a professionally developed website. It’s easier than you think, and your customers will love it!