The Art of Facebook Posting: The Power of 3

Has Facebook posting become a chore because you don’t know what to post other than your promotions and products? Is your page getting a bit stale? There are three easy steps that you can follow to liven up your Facebook page and create new marketing strategies. Just follow the three P’s - personal, purpose, and promotion.


Creating a sense of purpose to your posts will provide value for your fans and will get them coming back for more. The purpose can be humorous, promotional, or informative such as posting about industry tips or tutorials, news or content from your industry, and questions, opinions, and quotes about your industry niche. Whichever direction you decide to go, make sure it is relevant to your industry and a focused post - this will help build communication with your readers and build relationships with fans. 



This may be the most difficult out of the three, but it can also be the most powerful. Getting personal with your fans will help you connect with them on a whole new level. Don’t be afraid to put a little personality into your discussions. If people see that you are genuine, they are more willing to interact with you. Give your fans a peek into the inner workings of your company - your employees, customers, vendors, etc. You can post stories or interviews from employees, post photos of employees enjoying their work, photos of those people you do business with, and much more. Even if you are a small company (with few or no employees), you can still give fans a look into your daily routine. 


It is okay to post promotions on your website, and in fact, it can be helpful to your business. However, please don’t let this be the only thing that goes up on your page. If you blast your page with promotional materials, people will lose interest and will engage with you less as a result. People generally don’t like to be bombarded with ads wherever they go. When you do need to post some promotional material, add your personality or customize a description - this will interest your readers more than a simple “buy now” caption. Make an effort to show your fans that you are connecting with them. 

Now that you’ve learned about the 3 P’s, make sure to mix it up a bit. For every promotional post you include, make sure to have at least two purposeful posts and one personal post. This will give you a dynamic and interesting Facebook page that fans will actually take time to look at and engage with you.