Send the Right Kind of Email

Just about every website you go to has an invitation to sign up for email blasts or newsletters. Quite a bit of the time there is an incentive for signing up, so people do, and then they become subscribers to endless newsletters that seldom get read or go straight to the trash bin. As a business owner, you want people to read the information you send them, so here are a few tricks of the trade to get your emails seen, opened, and read.

Don’t Dilly Dally - Get Straight to the Point

People don’t have a lot of spare time in their schedule, so when sending out an email blast, get straight to the point. Any lallygagging around will risk losing your recipient’s attention. If you are highlighting a particular product, or even several, put them front and center in the email and make it easy for customers to click and find out more information. 

Who is your Audience?

Do a little homework before starting an email campaign. Who is your audience? Who do you want to target? You want to first understand the needs and interests of your audience base. After all, they have the upper hand as they will either be interested in what you have to say and want to learn more or they will delete you into oblivion. This is where a little bit of personalization comes into play. You want to talk to your customers, not at them. Do your customers want special offers? News updates? Articles and content? Find out what they want and market your campaign around it. You will get a better open and response rate. 

Subject Lines are Important

There has been a bit of debate about the subject line. Some say that you need to have splashy phrases that will pique interest. Others say to keep it simple and short. The consensus seems to be that short, descriptive subject lines are what will make a reader open the email. Try and keep it to 50 characters or less. 

Stay Focused

Many businesses send out email blasts containing special offers or coupons. This is where you need to reign it in and keep it to a single offer. It’s important to keep the offer above the fold and then use your other imagery below to really drive the point home. Promoting several promotional sales and different percentages off can be a bit confusing to your audience and may prompt zero action. If you are promoting a women’s clothing sale, don’t include discounts for men and children as well. A smart email marketer will know their audience and target one promotional offer at a time to get the best response rate. 

Don’t Get Too Email Crazy

It’s not fair to subscribers to bombard them with constant emails. Keep it tasteful to one daily, every few days, or weekly. It’s also to your advantage to ask your subscribers what frequency they would like to receive emails. This is sending the message that you are conscientious of their valuable time and that you have their best interests in mind. This will definitely give you the edge in getting people to open your emails and click on to your website.