Creative Ideas to Encourage Purchase Conversion

Online shopping is very convenient in today’s busy world, but sometimes we hesitate to push the buy button. Customers might be wondering if they really need the item, is the item going to live up to the description and pictures, is it worth the money, and so on. In order to soothe a customer’s buying decision, there are a few key items online retailers can implement to inspire purchases. 

Provide Video on Product Pages

Those customers who navigate your site looking for particular info will probably be pretty interested in what you have to offer.  In order to give them the extra incentive to go ahead and buy from you, it’s important to make sure your product pages has top notch content. This means you should have detailed product descriptions, plenty of images, and don’t forget to include the reviews. But please don’t forget to think about the power of video. 

Having a video to demonstrate the product and/or service is a great marketing tool. Not only will customers be able to see how the product works, they can see highlighted features that an image wouldn’t necessarily showcase. Videos can be easy to create and post to your website. There are many services for e-commerce websites such as Vimeo, Wista, and YouTube. 

Customer Generated Content - A.K.A. Reviews

Customer generated content has a lot of benefit to online retailers. First of all, customers generally trust the word of their fellow shoppers over the retail descriptions. Time and time again, people will skim a product description and then go straight to the bottom of the page to thoroughly read the reviews. More often than not, it is these reviews that sway a purchase choice. Go ahead and encourage your customers to leave reviews - it’s a great marketing tool and a good way to help spread the word about your wonderful products. 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Storytelling

Telling a story can go a long way in changing a customer’s mind in your favor. You can create product-driven blog posts or email blasts that can be sent via email or shared on social media outlets. As we discussed earlier, you can also share your story via video. When you share your story, you are engaging with your customers and making your marketing campaign a bit more personalized. When your customers feel you are talking to them instead of at them, they are more likely to buy from you. As as we discussed earlier, video can be a great tool to communicate your story. With video, not only can you promote your product, but you can show how it is to be used. You can also use video to have customers leave product reviews on how the product worked for them and what benefits/results they saw. The power of the spoken word is huge when making buying decisions.