Can I Pinterest?

Many businesses rely on social marketing channels such as Facebook and Twitter, but there is another social marketing opportunity that many businesses don’t even take advantage of. Pinterest is more than just posting recipes and ideas for weddings and baby showers, it can drive interest into your business and help you build a larger audience. 

Pinterest is quite simple to understand. It is a social media platform that acts as a virtual bulletin board. Users simply “pin” items of interest to them to their virtual board. These items can then be shared across the masses. Businesses who are savvy enough have hopped on the Pinterest bandwagon and use this social media channel to solicit new ideas for content, give new content a trial run, build brand loyalty, and find new followers who will eventually turn into loyal customers.

Once you’ve started your business Pinterest account, you need to be careful not to treat it like a sales catalog. Pinterest contains a lot of splashy eye-catching photographs, but they always have value and that is what you need to contribute as well. Make sure that you produce value-added content. Take for example, a grocery business. They could pin recipes that would coincide with the week’s specials. Not only are they giving you a delicious recipe, but they are enticing you to their store to buy the ingredients. Good marketing strategy! 

When posting content, ask yourself what direction you want to go. Is the goal to get people to visit your website? Share your content? Raise awareness about your brand? Guess what? You can do all of these things by following a few simple steps to create a great pin.

  • Have a clear call to action on your image or description. A great call to action can be as simple as asking for comments and re-pins. 
  • Include a link to your website in the description with a call to action to visit
  • Have your logo embedded within the image itself

These steps are great ways to promote your business, just be careful not to overload your viewers with excess information. Pinterest may seem unconventional and not worth your time, but trust us, it is! When you pin a great image or some interesting content, it’s easy to get your followers interested and coming back for more. And what’s even better, they will help you do your marketing for you by re-pinning your content and getting even more people interested in your business. It’s a win-win situation.