Small Business Networking & Referrals

Small Business Loop

Small Business Loop is a free online business directory catering to Small Business Owners and their customers. The goal of Small Business Loop is to create business relationships in your community. Business owners can create and publish their business profile on Small Business Loop and several other business networks affiliated with Small Business Loop with one editor. This platform allows management of multiple social media profiles from one interface.

Business Profile

Small business owners can create a free online profile that is circulated around the internet. Profiles are search engine friendly and include photo albums, send referral, testimonial, blog feeds, and Facebook feed modules.

Create and Host Events

Members can host events in their community. This is a great method of meeting other like minded individuals in your community which may lead to new business. Attendees to events can expect to learn and interact from others at the event.

Referral and Networking Groups

Create and join groups in your community to meet in person or over the internet. Small Business Loop includes all group management tools, internal communication and bulletin boards, and referral management tools. Business owners may take a business assessment and Small Business Loop will introduce networking groups and members that would possibly make a great power partner.

Articles & Tutorials

Experts at a paticular topic can publish articles or tutorials directly on the website for circulation around the internet. They may include a link from the article to their website to refer traffic back to them (great way to get new leads in your niche).


Members may post offers under the special discounts or sales they may be advertising for their business. These offers will be circulated around the social network depending on interest, radius, and industry.

For more information, please contact us. Please visit the Small Business Loop webpage by going to or facebook page: